Teeth Whitening Relevant Facts

Proper care for teeth like flossing, brushing and dental consultation can certainly keep teeth clean, healthy, and strong. Still, even if you have great oral hygiene, teeth can become yellowish or get stained. When you feel and see that your smile is lacking sparkle, it is best to undergo teeth whitening treatment.

If you are planning to undergo teeth whitening treatment, but has many questions about it the below information can certainly help you. The below are some common facts about whitening treatment.

What causes teeth discoloration? Yellowish or discoloration of the teeth has many possible reasons. It can be due to genetics or because of lifestyle. As we grow old teeth gradually turns yellowish. Other reasons for yellowish and stained teeth is cigarette smoking, eating teeth food causing stains such as blueberries, blackberries, drinking coffee and teas. Medicine intakes such as anti-histamine and antipsychotics can also cause teeth yellowish.

Is teeth whitening effective? Teeth whitening can be more effective if you have healthy teeth, the procedure is performed by a qualified person and the treatment is fit for your teeth condition. Remember that the foundation of white teeth is healthy teeth and gums. You can never achieve whiter teeth if your teeth and gums are not healthy. If you decided to undergo whitening treatment, it is best to consult the dentist or have your treatment at any cosmetic dentistry.

What are the options in teeth whitening treatment? There are many ways to bring back the whiteness and sparkle of your teeth. But before undergoing any treatment, consultation with your dentist is necessary. Among the options to choose are in office bleaching, use of whitening toothpaste and at home bleaching.

The fast and effective way of whitening your teeth is through laser teeth whitening treatment is the best option. The PureSmile gel solution is a peroxide-free, all natural, safe and risk-free. Within an hour of treatment, you can have whiter teeth.